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Quality Craftsmanship

Each step of the Glyptic Modeling Tool manufacturing process is completed within the United States, with materials made in the United States, ensuring both quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.


Glyptic Modeling Tools are built to last, eliminating the need to frequently replace your tools. Glyptic Modeling Tools are highly versatile; loops from other broken tools may also fit into the Glyptic Modeling Tool handles, extending the life of your favorite tools and sparing the landfill of unnecessary waste.

Family Owned and Operated Small Business

When you purchase Glyptic Modeling Tools, you are supporting a woman-owned, small family business.

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Small Loops 4 Styles
Glyptic Small Loops
Round Wire Loop Sets
Glyptic Round Wire Loops
Medium Loops 7 Styles
Glyptic Medium Loops
Trimming Loops 6 Styles
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Cutting Loops 9 Styles
Glyptic Cutting Loops
Large Loops 10 Styles
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Monumental Loops 5 Styles
Glyptic Monumental Loops
Glyptic Handles
Glyptic Handles